Who We Are

Greetings from APHSA's Organizational Effectiveness (OE) team. We provide consulting products, services, and training focused on helping state and local public health and human service organizations and their partners strengthen their performance, capacity and impact.

Our team brings a twelve-year history developing and evaluating its organizational effectiveness continuous improvement practice, delivered through nearly one hundred projects within thirty states. Together with other members of our team, we are at the forefront of helping agencies and teams use and translate the Human Service Value Curve into a set of actionable and observable markers that can be used to realize the potential of the people we serve and the systems we use to do so.

Our Purpose

We have the expertise to help our clients solve problems and make improvements in many different areas that are important to them. While the primary focus of our consulting work is continuous improvement, our clients often experience transformative breakthroughs from working with us.

Learn more about our staff, services, products, publications, references, and testimonials. For more information, please contact us.

Stories From The Field

Check out an Interactive Map celebrating stories of innovation and transformation in action across the country. Our members are continually working to improve the delivery of human services and each story captures some of the components of their multi-year transformation journeys.